Shady’s back

I briefly considered pairing this blog post with a video of me body-popping to a bit of Eminem, but I don’t think the internet has ever done anything to deserve footage of me attempting anything even remotely cool in my fleece onesie.

Instead I’ll settle for quietly muttering that I’ve decided to return to the blog, with the caveat that I’ll probably quit again quite soon, as I’ve done so many times in the last couple of years.

This is a blog page that has existed for over three years, and which had a nice stock of thirty-something blog posts, which I’ve tucked into the drafts folder neatly out of the way because it’s around 15 months since anything was posted and, once again, it feels like it was someone else writing back then – but I wanted to keep the actual blog name that I’d started using all that time ago. Because it’s true. I really DO run on caffeine.

This blog was already a step away from a much bigger, more established blog that I’d been running for a number of years, which was much better known, which got me a lot of opportunities and introduced me to a lot of people, some of whom have become great friends and very important in the life I’m living now, but by the time I opened this one the other already felt like a behemoth that showed me in an unrealistic way, that I felt I couldn’t speak honestly through.

This blog isn’t going to be a Mummy blog, or a work blog, or linked in any way to opportunities or networking or any of the things that blogs are ‘supposed to be for’ – instead this blog is just going to be where I speak.

Sometimes that will be about nonsense, like cheap bin bags, or Haribo, or about that one time there was a spider in the toilet and I briefly panicked that I was pooping them and had somehow eaten spider eggs which hatched inside my insides, meaning my abdomen is FULL OF LIVE SPIDERS that have to escape from my butt*. Other times it will be about really serious issues that are concerning me, like saving money like a grown up, how to get more reliable work as a freelancer, global warming, or how the effing hell did Trump win anything, let alone control over the most powerful nation on earth?!

Today it’s just this. A fresh start in a place people might see, quietly dipping my toe back into the world of blogging, and giving myself permission to write the things in my head just for the sake of it, and the pleasure of it.

So…that’s it, I guess. Hi. Again. Might see you around. Might decide I’m a talentless, worthless hack and flounce away from the internet for a while before another sheepish return, because I’m addicted, and like the attention. We’ll see!

*That might have been today…

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