About me

I’m Eliza, a 30 year old writer from the north, living in the south.

I write fiction, non fiction, fluffy things, dark things, rude things, technical things. There isn’t much I don’t write. Mostly because I’m writing what a client asks me to. I make a living as a copywriter, creating web copy and articles for clients. I top this up selling short stories. I’ve started, and never finished, at least twelve novels. I keep promising my friends I’ll finish one, and one day I will. (Promise.)

I have a family, we do a lot of things. I have a business, it gives me as much joy as my family do. I have fantastic friends, a busy mind, and I get through the day by drinking far too much coffee and being a snob about it. Occasionally I sleep – but usually I’m too busy reading.

I’ve written many blogs, posted many times, and – as we all so often do – have come to a crossroads and felt the need to draw a line and start afresh.

I’ve evolved beyond the blogs I wrote before and want to be able to write about a broader range of topics, in a place that doesn’t box me in to one subject or style. This blog will be about where I am, what I’m doing, what I’m wearing, what I’m reading, and how I feel about it all. Usually tired. But that’s ok – there’s always a pot of coffee on the go.

My face

I’m not twee. I’m all me.

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